FAQs: Limited Common Property

How do we know if our balconies are common property or limited common property when each strata lot has a private balcony that no one else can access? Does that mean it is limited common property?

If the balconies are limited common property, they will be designated as limited common property on the strata plan.

An owner says that the balconies and patios are limited common property because only one owner has access. How does a strata corporation know if a balcony is common property or limited common property?

The Strata Property Act defines limited common property as common property designated for the exclusive use of the owners of one or more strata lots. The key is the use of the word “designated”. There are only two ways to “designate” common property as limited common property on the strata plan or by a resolution passed by a 3/4 vote of the owners at a general meeting. If a balcony is not designated in either of these two ways, then it is not limited common property.

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