FAQs: Signs

Our strata corporation does not want to allow any real estate signs. May we ban them?

A strata corporation may pass bylaws that govern activities relating to the sale of a strata lot, including determining the locations for the posting of for sale signs, but may not prohibit or unreasonably restrict the posting of for sale signs.

A strata corporation has a bylaw that prohibits the posting of signs in a strata lot or on common property. An owner wants to put an election sign in the window of his strata lot. Does that contravene the bylaw?

No. The Canada Elections Act, in section 322, provides that no condominium corporation or any of its agents may prohibit the owner of a condominium unit from displaying election advertising posters in his or her unit. However, the condominium corporation or agent may set reasonable conditions relating to the size or type of election advertising posters that may be displayed on a strata lot or the common property and may prohibit the display of election advertising posters in common areas of the building in which the premises are located.