Duties of the Strata Corporation

There is always confusion over what is the strata corporations responsibility and what is the strata lot owners, tenants or occupants responsibility.  The Strata Property Act requires that every strata corporation carry out 5 fundamental duties.  These duties are:

  • Duty to Manage – The strata corporation must manage the common property and common assets of the strata corporation for the benefit of the owners.
  • Duty to Repair & Maintain – The strata corporation must repair and maintain its common property and common assets.  If the strata corporation receives an order from a regulatory authority to carry out work on common property or land that is a common asset, the corporation must carry out the work.
  • Duty to Insure – The strata corporation must obtain and maintain property insurance on the common property and common assets as well as insurance against liability for property damage and bodily injury.
  • Duty to Keep Records – The Strata Property Act requires every strata corporation to prepare and keep various records and to allow various persons access to those records.
  • Duty to Enforce the Bylaws and Rules – The strata corporation must enforce the bylaws and rules of the strata corporation.  This does not mean acting as the “bylaw police” but rather act upon complaints from owners, occupants and tenants.

If the item doesn’t fall into one of these 5 duties, the responsibility is the home owners.

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